This is GlycoMob

a glycan database for ion mobility

To support data interpretation of IM and MS/MS data we will populate a new CCS database, GlycoMob, as well as supplement the existing glycan fragmentation database UniCarb-DB with measurements of glycan standards. Glycan analysis using IM-MS is a relatively new approach and applications for CCS measurements have principally employed home-built instruments. As a consequence the wide-spread use of IM-MS for glycomics analysis on commercially available instruments has been hindered.

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About us

GlycoMob is led by a small team of researchers from Europe and Australia with backgrounds in mass spectrometry, analytical glycomics and bioinformatics.

Weston Struwe

Mass Spec

University of Oxford

Kevin Pagel

Mass Spec

Free University

David Harvey

Mass Spec

University of Oxford

Matthew Campbell


Macquarie University

Our Research


Developing data analysis tools and workflows to support the emerging technology.


Building an innovative database for CSS values supported by the MS/MS database UniCarb-DB.

Method Development

Protocols and procedures for the analysis of released and free glycans using ion mobility.


Data interpreation, calculating experimental and theorectial CSSs values

Recent Works

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